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Fiduciary Obligation

Fiduciary Obligation

Ultramicroanalysis is essential for using ultra pure water in a stable manner.

Nomura Micro Science has been challenging to analyze and evaluate ultra pure water quality up to a extremely low level of concentration.
We can analysis metals and ions in the level of ppt-ppq (1ng-1pg per liter).
The clean room used to analyze high purity substances is free from particulates and gaseous contaminants.
We equipt ICP-MS,GF-AAS, ion chromatography, electron microscopy-EDX(energy dispersive x-ray analyzer )TOC analyzer, P&T-GC-MS, etc. We can provide analysis and evaluation services on contract according to various needs: e.g. analysis of impurities contained in ultra pure water or high purity chemicals, analysis of trace impurities contained in materials, evaluations of leaching from containers or materials that require high purity, etc.

Water Analyses Items
Item Analytical method
Particles(particle sizes 0.1, 0.05, etc.) Direct microscopic particle counting method (electron microscope) Particle counting method
Viable bacteria Cultivation
Total silica Concentration-GF-AAS
Boron ICP-MS
Metals(Na,Fe,Cu,etc.) ICP-MS
Ions(Cl-,SO42-,NH4+,etc.) Ion chromatography
Analysis Menu of Other Items
Item Description
Pure water and pure steam water for pharmaceuticals Analysis based on Japanese Pharmacopoeia(endotoxin, etc.)
Impurities contained in high purity materials Slurry particle size distribution, metals contained in the reagent
Observation of surface appearances, analysis of elemental composition Scanning electron microscope X-ray analysis (SEM-EDX)
Leaching from high purity containers or materials, etc. Leaching from piping materials or wafercontainers (metals, ions, organic matter, particles byimmersion in the ultra pure water) Performance evaluation of ion exchange resins

Acquisition of International Standard, ISO/IEC 17025


Regarding "Infinitesimal Quantity Element Analysis in Ultrapure Water", our Analysis Center acquired certification of ISO/IEC 17025, international standard of Japan National Laboratory Accreditation system, from PERRY JOHNSON LABORATORY ACCREDITATION, INC.
The acquisition is on analysis of fourteen elements of principal metal elements specified by ITRS (International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductor) and boron in range (where appropriate) and detection limit of 1 ng/L to 500 ng/L.
Please refer to the following Certificate of Accreditation for details.
This certification proves that the relevant laboratory (analysis institute) is internationally recognized by third-party body (organization certified by ISO/IEC 17025) for its capability of reliable analysis in the certified range.

Regarding ISO/IEC 17025 (general requirements on capability of laboratories etc.)

Requirements which laboratory has to meet to demonstrate that it is capable of operating management system and producing proper and valid results technically are specified in ISO/IEC 17025.
Not only conformance to ISO/IEC 17025, but both of operation in accordance with ISO 9001 and validity on technical capability of laboratory shall be guaranteed by acquiring this certificate.
We acquired this certificate from PERRY JOHNSON LABORATORY ACCREDITATION, INC. (PJLA) which had signed on for mutual recognition with ILAC and APLAC.
As an internationally-trusted analysis institute, our Analysis Center supply valid analysis results to customers.