“AQURUS®,“ Silicon waste water recovery system, recovers silicon particles and water at once from waste water, containing silicon particles, generated in the polishing process of semiconductor, solar battery, etc.
Furthermore, it is possible to recover waste water that includes particles (GaAs, glass waste) generated in the polishing process of compound semiconductor, flat-panel display (FPD), and glass substrate.
Particles after recovery (silicon, GaAs, glass waste) can be used as valuable resources.


  • No chemicals are used and it can be treated in a short time, so it is possible to recover while keeping the purity of silicon and water.
  • Small-footprint system compared to the conventional system.
  • Waste water treatment after the following processes is possible.
    * Chamfer grinding, cylindrical grinding process of ingot
  • * Thin-film processing, dicing, lapping, chipping and back grinding of wafer, etc.

Configuration Diagram of AQURUS®

Basic structure of AQURUS® is as follows.