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Pure Steam Generator

Pure steam generator for sterilization

Pure steam generator, NK120-1
Pure steam generator, NK120-1

Pure steam generator, NK300-3
Pure steam generator, NK300-3

The pure steam generator, NK Series, can easily produce a high quality pure steam for sterilization. This system is compact, space-saving, and low in cost. By installing a condenser additionally, it can also be used as a single effect distiller for producing water for injection.

  • Compact and high performance
  • Compact pressure vessel
  • Conformance to GMP
  • High purity of pure steam
  • Simple operation with touch panel
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing system (autoclave, freeze dryer, rubber plug sterilizer)
  • Sterilization-in-Place(tank, circle piping, filter)
  • Sterilization of biological equipment(fermentor)
  • Research and development (sterilization)
  • Medical equipment used in hospitals(for sterilization)
  • Air conditioner (humidification)
  • Food manufacturing system (sterilization)