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Unit Type Pure Water System

Awarded“Global Environmental Technology Prize”
      of the “21st Kanagawa High-Tech Grand Prix”

Unit type pure water system, NOMURACKS®

Unit type pure water system,NOMURACKSR EPU-03
Unit type pure water system,
NOMURACKS®EPU-20*2 system

NOMURACKS® is a pure water system manufactured by a commercial production line in which EDI (the electrodeionization water treatment system)is equipped at the heart of the system.
This system is manufactured on our integrated production line and is tested before shipment at our plant by supplying water.
Therefore, all the customer must do is to prepare an installation space, provide foundations, and connect utilities.
Pure water can be immediately supplied simply by installing, assembling and connecting NOMURACKS® as specified.

Unit type system not only makes it possible to respond to customer requirements flexibly, but can be easily expanded or relocated.

Compared to the conventional plant type of system, NOMURACKS® has numerous advantages as seen in its requiring one fourth of space, two thirds of the construction work, and only three to ten days for installation work at site. In addition, there is no need to provide waste water treatment.
In every aspect NOMURACKS® is an epoch-making pure water system with a high-cost performance.

  • Because EDI is at the heart of water treatment, no regeneration chemical is required.
  • Waste water treatment is not required.
  • A flexible production capacity is available in the range of 1m3/h-100m3/h.
  • Ultra pure water systems are lined up.
  • Because of the unit type system, it is possible to make investments timely.
  • Because of the unit type system, it is easy to expand, relocate, or shutdown, as well as sell.
  • A pure water system and ultra pure water system for mini-fabrication plants.
  • Cleaning water for the electronic industry, liquid crystal substrate, and semiconductor substrate.