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Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems

RO system
RO system

Nomura's RO system is designed for high rejection, high recovery rate, and high flux. In particular, HERO® system is based on a new concept that differs from the conventional.
Even though general type RO membrane is installed, our system can bring out it's highest performance.
Therefore, HERO® is outstanding in cost performance and can be widely applied to various systems for make-up or the water reclamation treatment in an ultra pure water system.

High efficiency RO system, HERO®

HERO® is a high efficiency RO system that has many new advantages by operating the RO system in a high pH (high alkali)range.
This system has overcome all disadvantages of the conventional RO system and also incorporates the advantages of an ion exchange systern (2B3T method). Nomura Micro Science is the only licensee of HERO® in Japan and Korea.

HEROR Block flow diagram

High recovery ratio It has become possible to increase the recovery ratio up to 90-98%, which was previously impossible due to the silica concentration in feed water.
High Rejection ratio Even though the same membrane as used in conventional systems is used, it is possible to increase the rejections ratio of silica, boron, anions, and organic matter (TOC) to the maximum.
High flux It is possible to increase flux per membrane, which enables to reduce quantity of membranes.
Low fouling It is possible to reduce the clogging of membrane by contaminants such as SS(suspended solids), particles, and bacteria.

HERO® with the above features is a high performance make-up system.
Compared to ion exchange system (2B3T method) it is possible to reduce raw water consumption and drain volume, as well as, acid and alkali consumption.