Privacy Policy

Nomura Micro Science Corporation (NMS) may obtain personal information necessary for its business operation. NMS recognizes that protecting personal data is most important, and is our social responsibility. Therefore, NMS will properly handle all personal information in accordance to our privacy policy listed below, and ensure it will be widely disseminated within our entire staff member.

  • Collection, Usage and Disclosure of Personal Information
    • NMS will collect and use personal information within the scope of the intended use that is clearly communicated, and will not collect or use them beyond the scope.
    • NMS will not disclose personal information to third party without consent, except for cases which disclosure is required by the law.
  • Respect of Rights

    NMS respects the right of the individual for his or her personal information. NMS will respond to inquiry from individual his or herself within reasonable period and range. If any personal information is incorrect or has been changed, NMS will promptly respond limited to identification individual is conducted.

  • Handling of Personal Information

    NMS will take appropriate safety measures for all personal information obtained and will act to prevent unauthorized accesses, damage, falsification, leakage, loss to all collected personal information.

  • Continual Improvement of Privacy Policy

    NMS will revise this policy appropriately to manage personal information with respect to applicable laws and information technology.

For any inquiries about personal information, please contact:
TEL 046-228-5195

Use of Personal Information

  • To answer any inquiries from customers.
  • To dispatch any documents requested by customers.
  • To deliver information for service or support to customer.
  • To improve services on our website.